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Jinchuan Electronic New Material Technology: Leading producer of high-end electroplating anodes

Updated : July 8, 2024

Jinchuan Electronic New Material Technology Company, a subsidiary of Jinchuan Niedu Industrial Co., Ltd., is a company specializing in the research and production of high-end electroplating copper anodes, electronic-grade tin anodes and high-end electroplating nickel anodes. The company is currently an executive member of the China Printed Circuit Association. 

The production process and equipment for high-end phosphorus copper anodes have reached a leading level domestically, forming a production and sales scale of 35,000 tons, with sales exceeding 2.3 billion yuan ($3.16 billion). This includes 22,000 tons of microcrystalline phosphorus copper balls, 5,000 tons of high-end phosphorus copper bars, 8,000 tons of high-purity oxygen-free copper and 550 tons of electronic-grade tin anode materials.


Copper balls produced by Jinchuan Electronic New Material Technology Company

The company has passed several quality and environment management system certifications and its products have passed RoHS and REACH tests and certifications. The microcrystalline phosphorus copper products have won the Gold Cup Award for Physical Quality of Nonferrous Metal Products. The project "Research and Industrialization of Key Technologies and Automated Forming Equipment for Microcrystalline Phosphorus Copper Balls" won first prize in the Gansu Provincial Science and Technology Progress Award. The Jinchuan microcrystalline phosphorus copper balls also won first prize for Excellent New Industrial Products in Gansu province, and the company has been rated as a AAA-level enterprise in quality credit.


Workers of Jinchuan Group

The Jinchuan "Golden Camel" microcrystalline phosphorus copper balls produced by Niedu Industrial are considered the best phosphorus copper anode material for high-end printed circuit boards (PCBs). 

With excellent production volume and quality, the company has ranked first in the Special Materials category among the top 100 enterprises in the Chinese electronic circuit industry three years running, and has become the world's largest manufacturer of electroplating copper anodes.

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