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Jinchuan Group Machinery Manufacturing Company receives provincial-level recognition

Updated : June 7, 2024

Jinchuan Group Machinery Manufacturing Company has recently been recognized as a provincial-level specialized and sophisticated SME (small and medium-sized enterprise) that produces new and unique products in Gansu province.


Jinchuan Group Machinery Manufacturing Company

In 2023, the Machinery Manufacturing Company of Jinchuan Niedu Industrial Co., Ltd. focused on market-leading technologies and strengthened independent research and development, filling gaps in key industry sectors as well as resolving multiple bottleneck problems.

In the past year, the company achieved revenue of 250 million yuan ($34.51 million). Focusing on its development direction of "monitoring internal operations and expanding to external large mines and non-ferrous metallurgical production bases", the company implemented the "manufacturing + installation + operation and maintenance" business model, and directly sold its products to more than 20 countries in Asia, Africa and South America, making a breakthrough in its independent export business.


Jinchuan Group Machinery Manufacturing Company

In terms of the new energy industry, the company has completed the construction of the Jintai 200 MW and Zhengyao 300 MW photovoltaic projects, as well as the integrated project of source-grid-load-energy storage, establishing an efficient energy system and expanding into external electricity trading markets.

Going forward, Jinchuan Group Machinery Manufacturing Company will give priority to the independent research of the automation, intelligence, and new energy industry, and spare no efforts to build itself into a world-class enterprise for the group.

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