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Information and Automation Engineering Co., Ltd., obtains double certifications

Updated : April 16, 2024


Staff at the Information and Automation Engineering Co., Ltd. [Photo provided to en.jnmc.com]

Recently, Jinchuan Group's Information and Automation Engineering Co., Ltd., has obtained double certifications, being recognized as a "Chinese Software Enterprise" and for "Chinese Software Products," due to its solid independent research and development capabilities and technical expertise.

This recognition is the authoritative qualification certification for software enterprises and software products in China, representing high standards and high levels in fields and aspects such as software development, technological innovation, quality management and market competitiveness. Enterprises holding these certifications are eligible to benefit from a series of national preferential policies in areas such as taxation, financing and market expansion.

Information and Automation Engineering has been dedicated to supporting Jinchuan's digital transformation, intelligent development and high-quality growth. It has deeply promoted the utilization of digital technology in the entire process of production, operation and services.

The company has completed the construction of a series of informatization projects, such as the intelligent integrated testing and operation management system, the JCLM Jinchuan Group lightweight system monitoring platform and the human resources management system, achieving integrated control of production operation, planning and scheduling, equipment management, product sales, safety and environmental protection.

At the same time, it has been accelerating the construction of the digital empowerment system, strengthening the development of software products with independent intellectual property rights, and making positive efforts toward the group's digital construction.

Going forward, the company will further improve product quality, expand market layout and continuously enhance core competitiveness and profitability.

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