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Jinchuan Group promotes mineral resource utilization with digital infrastructure

Updated : April 11, 2024

The Mineral Processing Plant of Jinchuan Group has recently utilized digital technology to create a "digital infrastructure integration" scenario covering the entire process of ore crushing, grinding and flotation. It was included in the list of excellent intelligent manufacturing scenarios nationwide in 2023.


Over the years, the Mineral Processing Plant of Jinchuan has been coordinating the integration of digital and practical control in ore processing, accelerating the transition from traditional mechanical equipment to automated equipment. Through information technology such as process modeling, process simulation and digital delivery, it has established processing models for crushing and screening, grinding and grading, and has built intelligent and stable material-supply scenarios. At the same time, real-time monitoring of the operating status of flotation equipment and motor temperature by robots has been introduced, reducing the annual equipment failure rate by approximately 15 percent.

In 2023, Jinchuan Group continuously accelerated industrial transformation and technological innovation. Through the use of 5G+ technology and integrated data intelligent management, the operational efficiency of various process systems in the Mineral Processing Plant has reached 90.7 percent. The nickel recovery rate exceeded the planned figure by 0.13 percent, and the copper recovery rate exceeded the targeted figure by 1.03 percent, both hitting the leading level in the domestic industry.

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