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Jinchuan Group fills domestic gap of OFC production technology

Updated : April 1, 2024

Jinchuan Group has recently developed the "4N5 oxygen-free copper (OFC) plate and strip" production technology, filling the domestic gap and achieving mass production capacity.

This technology has solved the problem of the country's long-term reliance on imports for key components of medical heavy ion accelerators, a large scientific medical device with independent intellectual property rights in China.

The high-purity oxygen-free copper, a material used for a key component of the device, has long been relied on imports. By breaking through multiple technological difficulties, Jinchuan has solved this long-standing issue, and enhanced the country's capability of guaranteed supply of copper alloy materials in the fields of electronics, semiconductors, and precision instruments.

At present, Jinchuan Group is accelerating the transformation of the research results and constructing an industrial production line of "4N5 oxygen-free copper plate and strip". Upon completion, Jinchuan will be able to produce 5,000 tons of "4N5 oxygen-free copper plate and strip" per year, generating an additional output value of 100 million yuan ($13.84 million).

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