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CPPCC member Ruan Ying proposes a focus on resource security and efficient utilization

Updated : March 15, 2024


Ruan Ying, CPPCC member, Party secretary of the CPC Jinchuan Group committee, and chairman of Jinchuan Group

At the 14th National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), Ruan Ying, CPPCC member, Party secretary of the CPC Jinchuan Group committee, and chairman of Jinchuan Group, proposed focusing on resource security and efficient utilization.

Jinchuan Group is currently the largest and world-leading nickel-cobalt production base and platinum group metal refining center in China. It is also the largest copper production enterprise in northern China and the only company in Gansu province to be listed on the Fortune Global 500.

In recent years, Jinchuan Group has emphasized primary and secondary resources, consolidated supply chain cooperation with domestic and foreign mining enterprises, increased efforts in resource acquisition, and promoted the advancement of process technology towards being green, low-carbon, and efficient through continuous collaborative research between industry, academia, and research institutions. The production capacity of its main products has rapidly expanded, and the level of comprehensive resource utilization has significantly improved.

At the same time, the company has promoted its high-end, intelligent, and green-oriented transformation, enhancing the independent guarantee capability of national strategic resources and new materials.

Ruan stated that Jinchuan Group will further increase its domestic nickel, cobalt, and rare precious metal resource exploration and development, accelerate the expansion of domestic and foreign resource acquisition channels, and strive to promote the gathering of global nickel-cobalt and precious metal resources in Gansu province to enhance strategic resource supply security. Under the premise of resource security, it will construct the world's largest, most efficient, and strongest comprehensive resource utilization capability for nickel-cobalt and precious metal processing and refining center.

In addition, Ruan also proposed enhancing the security of the strategic mineral resource industry supply chain, supporting the green and low-carbon development of the non-ferrous metal industry, providing policy and financial support for low-grade scarce strategic mineral resources, advancing supply chain financial services in the manufacturing industry, establishing a production base for new energy battery materials, and transforming the national nickel-cobalt new materials engineering and technology research center into a national technology innovation center.

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