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Foreign media reporters travel to Jinchang

Updated : September 13, 2023

On Sept 1st, 17 foreign journalists visited Jinchang to experience the development achievements in the city's industrial, technological, cultural, and ecological fields.


On Sept 1st, 17 foreign journalists visit Jinchang [Photo provided to en.jnmc.com]

The reporters visited Jinchuan National Mining Park, the largest man-made pit mine in China, to gain an understanding of the relics left by Jinchuan Group's early open-pit mining. The ecological restoration project of Jinchuan mining area was highly praised by the journalists, who recognized Jinchang’s efforts in creating a mining park with the characteristics of a new industrial city and transforming waste and barren hills into a new circular economic development.


On Sept 1st, 17 foreign journalists visit Jinchuan Science and Technology Museum [Photo provided to en.jnmc.com]

The journalists also visited the Jinchuan Science and Technology Museum. With the distribution of mineral resources and the formation, mining, and extraction of metallic minerals as the main interest, the museum showcased the noble ideals of several generations of people in Jinchuan who have shouldered the responsibility of industry development for the country over the past half century. With the help of samples and picture display boards, as well as modern high-tech digital techniques, the museum presented the development process and remarkable achievements of China's nickel-cobalt industry.


On Sept 1st, 17 foreign journalists visit Jinchuan Science and Technology Museum [Photo provided to en.jnmc.com]

In addition, the reports appreciated the National Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection Project and local folk performance of Yongchang county.

"It is my first time visiting Jinchang, Gansu. I am very amazed by its development. The mineral resources in Jinchang are also quite abundant," said Ayoub Bec Bechrouri, a journalist from CATV. "I want to record the development of Jinchang through the camera and let more people who are not familiar with Jinchang see the tremendous changes that have taken place here."

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