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Jinchuan’s leading efforts in digital transformation (II)

Updated : September 5, 2023

In recent years, Jinchuan Group has actively implemented national policies, as it strives to become a pioneer in digital transformation. It took the initiative to undertake national projects, vigorously promoting the integration and innovative application of digital technologies such as 5G.

5G+ Intelligent Beneficiation Application Demonstration Project

In Jinchuan Group's Concentrator, with the ore crushing system in one of the ore processing workshops as the pilot, a "5G+" intelligent model room has been constructed. Innovative applications of technologies such as data automatic collection and diagnostic decision-making, 3D simulation, machine vision, and human-machine interaction have achieved a three-stage "transformation" from manual operation and unmanned control to artificial intelligence. This transformation has completely changed the traditional working methods in which operation and driving were primarily done by workers. It has also avoided the contact between personnel and dust and noise, realizing the industry's first intelligent control crushing system.

The efficiency of workshop operations has been greatly improved, with a reduction of over 10 people per shift, a 3.2 times increase in labor productivity, a 13% decrease in equipment failure rate, and a 2.2% reduction in production costs. This has unleashed infinite new energy for the "digital factory" of ore processing.

5G+ Nickel Plate Terminal Product Smart Factory Demonstration Project

At the nickel smelting plant, the "5G+ Nickel Plate Terminal Product Smart Factory Demonstration Project" has achieved full-process intelligence in the processing, intelligent warehousing, and unmanned transportation of large nickel plate products through the integrated application of technologies such as visual recognition, AGV flexible transfer technology, OCR recognition technology, digital modeling of boxcars, and intelligent lifting.

After the project was implemented, the nickel processing capacity increased from 120,000 tons per year to 155,000 tons per year, creating an annual economic benefit of over 12 million yuan (about $1.65million) and having exemplary and demonstration significance. This project provides reference for the informatization construction undertaken by Jinchuan Group.

Currently, the technological achievements have been publicly disclosed with one invention patent, seven utility model patents, and five software copyrights.

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