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Jinchuan’s specialty: ternary precursor

Updated : August 10, 2023

At present, with the rapid development of the domestic new energy vehicle industry and the strong market demand for electric vehicles, lithium-ion batteries, as the main power source, have seen a surge in demand and a rapid increase in production.

Under this circumstance, ternary precursors, the core raw material required for preparing the ternary cathode materials of lithium-ion batteries, are showcasing a promising future.


Lanzhou Jintong Energy Storage Power New Material [Photo provided to en.jnmc.com]

In 2016, Lanzhou Jintong Energy Storage Power New Material Co., Ltd., a sci-tech subsidiary of Jinchuan Group's Lanzhou Jinchuan New Materials Co., Ltd., officially started its research, production, and sale of ternary precursors.

After years of construction and development, Lanzhou Jintong Energy Storage Power New Materials has established a development pattern of three-site linkage, including the Jinchuan headquarters, the production base in Nantong, Jiangsu, and a research and development base in Lanzhou.

It has gathered R&D elites in the precursor industry, formed a professional R&D team, and focused on the development of ternary precursors, sodium-ion precursors, and phosphate series precursors.

The products of the company cover multiple areas, including energy storage type, power type, medium-nickel high-voltage, high-nickel, and ultra-high-nickel. They have extensive applications in electronic information, power tools, electric vehicles, and energy storage fields.


Patent certificates received by Lanzhou Jintong Energy Storage Power New Material [Photo provided to en.jnmc.com]

Lanzhou Jintong Energy Storage Power New Materials has applied for 141 patents and has been granted 71 patents.

It adopts the most advanced domestically-developed complex precipitation process with independent intellectual property rights, ensuring the production process has a high capacity, low operating costs, and reliable quality, and meets the standards for high-end vehicle power battery use. The production process is environmentally friendly and can achieve zero waste discharge.

At present, multiple products of the company have entered the supply system of leading domestic and foreign enterprises.

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