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Jinchuan’s specialty: nickel sulfate

Updated : August 10, 2023

Nickel sulfate is an inorganic compound mainly used for electroplating, nickel batteries, catalysts, and the production of other nickel salts. It is classified as a surface treatment material and applied in fields such as dye mordant for printing and dyeing and metal coloring agents, being closely related to our daily lives.


Jinchuan Group Nickel Salt Co., Ltd. [Photo provided to en.jnmc.com]

Relying on Jinchuan Group's technological resources, Jinchuan Group Nickel Salt Co., Ltd. completed the construction of a nickel sulfate production plant with an annual output of 35,000 tons and the Jinco 35,000-ton high-end electroplating nickel salt relocation project in 2019, becoming the largest high-quality nickel salt production enterprise in China. In the same year, the industrial nickel sulfate products of the company were awarded the non-ferrous metal product quality Gold Cup award.

Moreover, the nickel sulfate products of Jinchuan have two major brands of "Silver Camel" nickel sulfate and "Incomond" nickel sulfate. The products are listed as "Gansu’s Famous Brand Products", and have passed the SGS company's ISO9001, ISO14001, and ISO45001 management system certifications.


The products of Jinchuan Group Nickel Salt [Photo provided to en.jnmc.com]

Jinchuan's nickel sulfate products are divided into three main categories: electroplating-grade nickel sulfate, battery-grade nickel sulfate, and chemical plating-grade nickel sulfate. They are mainly used in the surface treatment industry and the power battery industry.

Under the policy of carbon peaking and carbon neutrality, the applications of power lithium batteries and energy storage lithium batteries in the new energy vehicle and energy storage industries continue to expand. As the front-end material for battery cathode materials, the shipment volume of ternary precursors is rapidly increasing, and the market is in a period of explosive growth. As one of the main raw materials for the preparation of ternary precursors, nickel sulfate also has a promising market outlook. Jinchuan Group Nickel Salt will continue to increase its market share and promote the rapid development of the power battery industry chain.

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