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Jinchuan Group and China Telecom foster mutual exchange

Updated : May 29, 2023

On May 26, Li Jun, deputy general manager of China Telecom, visited Jinchuan Group to promote business cooperation. Wang Yongqian, Party secretary of the CPC Jinchuan Group committee and chairman of Jinchuan Group, attended the exchange meeting.


Jinchuan Group and China Telecom hold an exchange meeting [Photo by Zhang Xiaojin]

Li stated that as the construction of a digital China is accelerating, the prospects and potential for information technology are vast. Digitization and intelligence will bring new development opportunities to traditional industries. Jinchuan Group has a strong industrial foundation and has made certain achievements in industrial digitization. The two sides will further strengthen cooperation in cloud-network integration, intelligent factories, risk prediction, and digital transformation to achieve mutual benefits. China Telecom will create a digital top-level design based on Jinchuan Group's production needs, and use digital technology to help optimize and upgrade Jinchuan's process flow and supporting services, helping Jinchuan achieve high-quality development in digital transformation.

Wang expressed his gratitude towards China Telecom for its technical support to Jinchuan Group over the years. He highlighted that traditional industries need to find the integration point with 5G, IoT, big data and other internet technologies in order to adapt to future development. Jinchuan Group will seize opportunities for digital development, and leverage China Telecom's leading technology research and development and application advantages to make intelligent transformation truly effective. Taking this exchange as an opportunity, both sides will explore the digital integration development, and make positive contributions to promote national new infrastructure and digital China construction together.

During the visit, Li and his team visited the 5G+ unmanned electric vehicle central control center at Longshou Mine, the 5G+ safety production intelligent early warning supervision platform at Jinchuan Chemical Company, and Jinchuan Technology Museum.

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