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Jinchuan Group’s six achievements win innovation awards

Updated : May 24, 2023

China Machinery, Metallurgy and Building Materials Workers Technical Association has announced the commendation of the 2023 Workers' Technical Innovation Achievements, with six innovative accomplishments for Jinchuan Group listed.


Jinchuan's staff discuss the innovation of product [Photo provided by Cui Yibo]

The commendation of the 2023 Workers' Technical Innovation Achievements aims to further stimulate the enthusiasm and creativity of workers in learning scientific knowledge and innovative technologies, dig into their creative potential, and strive to promote technological progress and high-quality development of enterprises.


The production site of Jinchuan Group Copper Co., Ltd. [Photo provided by Jinchuan Group Copper]

Throughout its history, Jinchuan Group has closely integrated production and business operation, respected the pioneering spirit of the employees, and encouraged them to actively participate in innovation based on their job positions. The implementation of worker technological innovation activities has not only promoted the elimination of safety hazards, improvement of working conditions, reduction of production costs, increase in labor productivity, and reduction of labor intensity of employees. It also helped to promote scientific and technological progress and process reengineering.

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