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Jinchuan’s people win national awards

Updated : May 10, 2023

On May 7, the 16th National High-Skilled Talent Commendation Conference was held in Beijing to recognize 30 winners of the China Skill Awards and 295 national technical experts. 

Two staff of Jinchuan Group received the China Skill Award and National Technical Expert Award respectively.

The China Skill Award and National Technical Expert Award are the highest government awards for selecting and rewarding outstanding high-skilled talents. The high-skilled talents who receive the awards are examples of skill-based development and are dedicated to serving the country with their skills. They are the advanced representatives of skilled workers across the country. So far, there have been 320 winners of the China Skill Award and 3,616 recipients of the National Technical Expert Award.

Skilled talent is an important part of an enterprise’s talent pool. Jinchuan Group attaches great importance to the cultivation of skilled talent and focuses on occupational skill training, creating conditions for employees to learn new skills and acquire new expertise. In addition to encouraging staff to be innovative and constantly improve their technical skills, the company also promotes its evaluation system, ensuring that skilled personnel with high technical skills are selected as advanced models.

Jinchuan Group strives to cultivate a large group of workers with ideals, belief, trustworthiness, technical expertise, and innovative ability, who play an important role in accelerating industrial transformation and upgrading, promoting technological innovation and the transformation of scientific and technological achievements.

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