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Brand story: Lanzhou Jinchuan Precious Metal Materials

Updated : February 8, 2023

Lanzhou Jinchuan Science and Technology Park is an important measure for Jinchuan Group to accelerate its development of science and technology, adjust its industrial layout, extend its industrial chain, and develop strategic emerging industries. With its vision is to build a new high-tech Jinchuan, the journey of Lanzhou Jinchuan Science and Technology Park started in its Metal Chemistry Research Office.


Lanzhou Jinchuan Science and Technology Park [Photo provided to en.jnmc.com]

The initial positioning of the Park was set on the research of replacing imported precious metal electroplating products as well as industrialization. The staff sought to breakthrough through the barriers in the market and technology of imported products. Intellectual property analysis and customer communication became key for them to work it out.

In 2009, on the eve of Chinese New Year, a customer from Zhejiang province rang the bell and decided to replace the imported products that had used for decades with Jinchuan’s alkaline electroplating system palladium salt-01, which had equivalent electroplating performance to that of imported products. This moment marked Jinchuan’s precious metal products breaking the monopoly of foreign technology on the market, and Jinchuan began to emerge in the precious metal electroplating industry. Through further development of the electroplating solution, in December 2013, the entire electroplating system was certified by the customer. Since then, Jinchuan’s technology has gained a good reputation in the industry.

On June 21, 2013, the Metal Chemistry Research Office received its new name - Lanzhou Jinchuan Precious Metal Materials Co., Ltd. The company adopted the mode of "awarding shareholding based on technological achievements" to motivate core technical personnel, which made it the first trial site of Jinchuan Group to reform internally, as well as the first pilot in Gansu province.

In 2013, it began to research and develop the precursor of automobile exhaust catalysts, aiming to replace the corresponding imported products. In 2014-2016, after figuring out the engineering problem of its products, a well-known enterprise producing domestic automobile exhaust catalysts conducted a systematic evaluation, finding that the catalytic performance of the products was equivalent to that of imported products.

In 2014, Lanzhou Jinchuan Precious Metal Materials was recognized as a high-tech enterprise in Gansu province.

In 2015 and 2016, a number of technical achievements of the company were identified by the local government and the industry. One of these achievements reached the international leading level, and two of them reached the international advanced level.

In March 2020, the complete 5G palladium salt system passed the evaluation of customers and the series of products became a new economic growth point for the company.


Precious metal catalysts [Photo provided to en.jnmc.com]

Through the efforts of Jinchuan employees, Lanzhou Jinchuan Precious Metal Materials has successively undertaken a number of provincial and municipal science and technology projects, such as major science and technology projects in Gansu province, the cultivation plan for science and technology “small giants”, and major special projects in Lanzhou. Twenty patents were applied for with 8 patents being granted for invention; 8 provincial and ministerial awards, including the Science and Technology Award of China's Nonferrous Metal Industry, the Gansu Science and Technology Progress Award, and the Gansu Excellent New Product Award, were achieved.

In 2013, the revenue of Lanzhou Jinchuan Precious Metal Materials was 14.92 million yuan (about $2.2 million); in 2015, the revenue was 63.38 million yuan; in 2017, the revenue was 105 million yuan; in 2018, the revenue was 157 million yuan; in 2019, the revenue was 230 million yuan. In the first half of 2020, the revenue was 336 million yuan.

At present, the company has formed over 100 products and services in six series, including precious metal electroplating products, precious metal pharmaceutical catalysts, automotive exhaust catalyst precursors, gas purification catalysts, and wastewater treatment catalysts. The staff of Lanzhou Jinchuan Precious Metal Materials will continue to strive for the further development of the company.

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