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Brand story: the ‘smurf’ of the Silk Road

Updated : February 8, 2023

The "smurf" of the Silk Road, is a copper sulphate product of the brand "Silver Camel" of Gansu province, which is also a product of the copper products deep processing industry chain of Jinchuan Group Copper Co., Ltd. The products are widely used in the electroplating of printed circuit boards, plastic electroplating, electroplating of high-end decorations, carving, manufacturing catalysts and the mineral processing of industrial chemicals.


The copper sulphate product of the brand "Silver Camel" [Photo provided to en.jnmc.com]

The birth and growth of each brand must be tested over time, and go through many twists and turns. In 2005, the products produced by the 10,000t copper sulphate production line, which had just been in operation for five months, received quality complaints from customers, who reported that unknown red flocs were found floating on the water after the copper sulfate was dissolved in pure water.

The complaints lowered the morale of the staff. Over the next few days, the technicians carried out a detailed analysis of each raw material to find the origin of the unknown flocs, monitoring each process and searching for a solution to the problem. At the same time, benchmarking with domestic advanced enterprises, Jinchuan Group Copper maintained its investment, promotion, improvement and progress, finally forming a production process of the domestic advanced level, and therefore achieving high market demand.


The production site of Jinchuan Group Copper [Photo provided to en.jnmc.com]

However, in July 2019, a dehydration problem occurred in the copper sulphate product. After learning of this problem, the staff of the company found that the cause of the problem was the high temperature of the warehouse. Through the upgrading of equipment, optimizing the process, inspecting the quality of the products and improving the company's technical services, the staff contributed to the development of the copper sulphate product of the brand "Silver Camel", and won recognition from customers.

The development path of copper sulphate enabled employees of Jinchuan to realize that although technological innovation can take the lead, small details determine success or failure. Through their continuous efforts, the "smurf" has grown from 660 tons in the early stage of its establishment in 1990, 1,300 tons in 2000, 10,000 tons in 2004, 20,000 tons in 2007, and 23,000 tons in 2017, and has finally developed a blue series of copper sulfate products, namely industrial copper sulfate, copper sulfate for electroplating use, and high-purity copper sulfate, realizing a strategic layout from the low end to the high end. Meanwhile, based on the characteristic needs of customers, the company also provides different kinds of packaging for its products.


High-purity copper sulfate [Photo provided to en.jnmc.com]

Generations of Jinchuan employees have witnessed the development of the "smurf". Up to now, the copper sulfate for electroplating use of "Silver Camel" has been recognized as a Gansu famous-brand product, a Gansu customer-satisfied product, a national customer-satisfied product, and has received the non-ferrous metal product quality gold cup award.

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