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Brand story: the craftsmanship spirit of Jinchuan people

Updated : February 6, 2023

In August 2018, Li Zehua graduated from the campus and started his career in the copper foil branch factory.

As a novice, Li only knew that copper foil was a sophisticated electronic material and a terminal product of copper. Li still remembers the moment he first entered the production workshop, the working environment was very clean, and had high air quality. However, at that time, Jinchuan copper foil, which had just entered production, faced unprecedented difficulties and challenges: the instability of the equipment and the lack of technical control lead to a series of distressing problems in the production process. But, Jinchuan people never gave up and worked together to tackle the problems.


Li and his colleagues on the working site [Photo provided to en.jnmc.com]

Jinchuan's glorious history of over 60 years is the constant pursuit of the "craftsmanship spirit". The spirit of "hard work and pragmatic progress" has created generations of Jinchuan craftsmen, and each of Jinchuan's brands embodies their ingenuity.

Learning from these craftsmen, Li, a young man who had just started his career, made a plan for studying the production principles and operation process of the imported machines. He started learning about dissolving copper, which is the first link in copper foil production.

The production of dissolving copper is a very delicate process. Each change in the parameters is a factor that can affect the stability of production. The copper content and acid content of the copper sulfate solution are regularly tested to minimize fluctuations. The use of additives and other raw materials, and the high-precision standard requirements for weighing, preparation, addition and calibration require operators to focus on controlling each step of production.

“We must strictly control the quality of products, prevent defective products from flowing to the market, and always adhere to the production concept of "Jinchuan copper foil products always prioritize quality", said Li. When working, all staff have the responsibility of being quality inspector. No matter day or night, no matter how big or small the problem is, the staff work together to find and solve the problems. It is due to the unremitting pursuit of quality that the company strives to implement the commitment of "it is better to sell less than to ignore quality".

Since it came into production, Jinchuan's copper foil has insisted on scientific and technological innovation and design innovation. Due to the low accuracy of the equipment purchased at the beginning and the blockade of the production technology from the outside, the production of Jinchuan's copper foil was essentially moving forward in the dark. It was under such conditions that employees of Jinchuan made improvements to the production equipment, including the modification of the anti-oxidation system and the polishing system, and the improvement of the additive adding method, all of which reflect the creativity and imagination of Jinchuan's craftsmen.


The production site of copper foil [Photo provided to en.jnmc.com]

"I learned to serve my customers from the perspective of a quality inspector. All of our efforts aim for high-quality products. Quality is the lifeline of copper foil products and the basis for survival, development and growth of enterprises. For Jinchuan copper foil, we must promote brand construction, only through which, we can make the brand bigger and stronger", said Li.

Craftsmanship spirit is demonstrated in the attitude of careful production. Over the past three years, the people who work on Jinchuan copper foil products have striven for brand construction, and in the future, they will continue to increase the influence of Jinchuan through their hardworking.

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