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Brand strategy contributes to high-quality development

Updated : February 2, 2023

Leading service is the core for Jinchuan to maintain a close customer relationship and increase its brand value. Its connotation includes two aspects: establishing a service system with differentiated values at all levels of contact with customers to form a closer long-term cooperative relationship and improve customers' satisfaction with and loyalty to Jinchuan; and relying on technology and solutions coming from mine and production base construction, the upgrading of green environmental protection, and information and automation upgrading, Jinchuan has established a technical service system and internal coordination mechanism to provide leading technical services for non-ferrous metal enterprise customers.

"Platformization" is the model basis for the Jinchuan brand to maximize its enthusiasm and ability in value creation, covering two aspects: first, by building an innovation and entrepreneurship platform, the company encourages internal teams with ideas and capabilities to innovate based on the needs of customers; second, by building an ecological platform for nickel, copper, cobalt, rare and precious metals and related new materials industry chain, Jinchuan can attract the landing of external technology leading projects of and strategic cooperation with strong brands.

"Internationalization" is an important guarantee for Jinchuan to achieve leading industrial progress, covering these two aspects: first, maintaining the international layout of mineral resources and product markets, with the goal of ensuring the supply of medium and long-term mineral resources and guaranteeing the cost advantage of mineral acquisition and building mineral resources reserves, while focusing on the global market demand for nickel, copper, cobalt, rare and precious metals and new materials, and developing sales networks; second, Jinchuan is establishing an international R&D center system, connecting the world's leading R&D institutions and enterprises, and promoting the industrialization of leading technology projects in China.

Brand character

The Jinchuan brand is characterize by its sincerity, enterprising spirit and wisdom.

Brand character means to personalize the brand and is the common character of the brand owners and constructors. Brand character can also determine who customers like to make friends with. According to the five-dimension theory of brand characters, it is defined in combination with Jinchuan's industrial characteristics, development history, advantages, characteristics, and spiritual temperament.

Sincerity implies that Jinchuan treats others sincerely and honestly; the enterprising spirit of Jinchuan determines that the company works hard and exceeds expectations; wisdom means the group is intelligent, thoughtful and visionary.

Brand slogans

Technology contributes to Jinchuan, and its value serves the world.

This slogan has strengthened the brand awareness of technology-based enterprises, establishing a strong connection between Jinchuan and technology, changing the traditional view of mineral resources enterprises, and highlighting the role of technology in building the Jinchuan brand.

The slogan has also developed the brand awareness of Jinchuan in the international market, promoting the "nickel capital of China" to the world.

Brand framework

Three stages of medium and long-term brand strategic objectives have been set.

Stage I (2021-2025): focusing on building Jinchuan Group's brand awareness of being "technology based" with the core direction of refining traditional advantageous industries and vigorously developing new material industries.

Stage II (2026-2030): will focus on building Jinchuan Group's brand awareness of "platformization" and "internationalization" with the core direction of innovation and entrepreneurship platform construction, industrial chain ecological platform construction, overseas mineral resources base network construction, international market sales network construction and the international layout of technical cooperation.

Stage III (2031-2035): The brand image of a technology-based, platform-based and world-class enterprise will been formed around the world and Jinchuan will become a global comprehensive mining leading brand.

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