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Ten model workers of Jinchuan Group in 2022

Updated : January 5, 2023

On December 30, the annual "Jinchuan Pride" award ceremony was held. Ten employees from the front line of production were awarded the title of model workers of Jinchuan Group in 2022.

Kou Yongyuan, director of Science and Technology Office of the No.2 mining area, has contributed to the optimization of 8 processing systems of several mine mountains.

Sun Guofeng, shift foreman of working area IV in the No.3 mining area, has optimized the drilling method and solved problems of the filling and drainage process.

Zhang Jinliang, deputy foreman of the production and operation team in the concentrate workshop, has contributed towards innovations, patents and technological upgrade.

Pan shujun, chief engineer of the flash furnace workshop of the nickel smelter, has innovated the ignition mode of the flash furnace.

Jing Yuhong, leader of electrolysis team II of the No.2 electrolysis branch of Jinchuan Group Copper Co., Ltd., completed the trial production of the Isa new electrolysis process.

Zhang Haode, leader of the centralized control operation team of the No. 1 thermal power branch of the Thermal Power Company, has contributed towards thermoelectric transmission work.

Du Xi, locomotive inspection and repair personnel, has handled a cumulative 722 locomotive faults.

Wang Yadong, chief engineer of the Information and Automation Engineering Company (Digital Center), has contributed to the high-quality development of intelligence.

Bai Jing, director of the labor protection articles factory of the Nickel-Metropolis Industrial Company, has contributed to the construction of the first production line of Jinchang's medical protection items.

Hou Jianguo, leader of the cobalt cladding team of the Battery Material Business Department of the Powder Material Company, has promoted the technological innovation of battery cathode material industrialization.


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