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Indonesian employee: Lin Junyan

Updated : December 5, 2022

There is an Indonesian saying: "One should respect the sky under which he stands." PT. Wanatiara Persada (WP), a joint venture established in Indonesia and controlled by Jinchuan Group Co., Ltd. has been paying attention to detail to allow local employees to feel respected and loved, and encourage the company to better follow local customs and achieve high-quality development.

Lin Junyan is Indonesian Chinese and studied in China for several years. The reason he chose to work in the Indonesia Jinchuan WP company was not only to better connect with his Chinese heritage, but also because of the good reputation of Jinchuan Group.


Lin Junyan's daily work [Photo provided to en.jnmc.com]

"The salary, welfare and labor leave system are formulated and implemented in accordance with our local laws and regulations. A prayer room has been built on the island for the company's employees to worship in, and the company takes compensatory leave according to religious and cultural customs, providing us with professional Indonesian chefs and sports facilities to play badminton, table tennis and other activities..." said Lin Junyan.

As a translator in the smelting department of the Indonesia Jinchuan WP company, he is responsible for translating and proofreading various documents, and serves as the interpreter of the smelting department, building a bridge for communication between Chinese and Indonesian employees. Due to the particularity of the work in the smelting department, Lin encounters a large number of professional words in the process of translation, which has brought him great challenges. In order to express the meaning and intentions of each side accurately, Lin chooses to study every night and work hard to provide more accurate translations. "I have always cherished this job opportunity and working atmosphere."

With the promising career prospects and humanistic care of the Indonesia Jinchuan WP company, and the strong development intentions of the local people, the company has attracted many Indonesian employees. The construction of the project on Obi Island will also provide a platform for people to demonstrate their talent and achieve a happy life.

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