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Indonesian employee: Wayati La Bungi

Updated : November 30, 2022

"What was unimaginable before has come true", Wayati La Bungi, an Indonesian employee, summed up her four years of experience in PT. Wanatiara Persada (WP), which is a joint venture established in Indonesia and controlled by Jinchuan Group Co., Ltd.


PT. Wanatiara Persada (WP) [Photo provided to en.jnmc.com]

Wayati La Bungi's home is located in Levy town, about 20-kilometers from the Indonesian Jinchuan WP company. "I work near home, and my salary is much higher than the local average. While my future living standard can be guaranteed, I can also take care of my parents as we are very close in distance." Wayati La Bungi is still very excited when she recalls the moments she first started working for the company.

Although Wayati La Bungi did not have a high educational background when she first started working, her Chinese colleagues taught her mandarin and the skills needed at work. Wayati La Bungi was also hardworking, and her Chinese level has greatly improved. She took on the daily work of the rotary kiln control room of the smelting department of the Indonesia Jinchuan WP company, reported the original production records of the rotary kiln together with her Chinese colleagues, and was responsible for monitoring and making daily records, responding to abnormal conditions, reporting to the responsible person on duty on time, and contacting staff on site to check and handle any problems.


Wayati La Bungi's daily work [Photo provided to en.jnmc.com]

"Because of the particularity of our position, we must always monitor the display screen. This work seems simple, but we actually shoulder a very important mission. Sitting in front of the monitoring screen, we have to constantly pay attention to the changes shown on it, especially concerning some key parameters of the kiln body. Wayati La Bungi has never complained about her work. She has always been conscientious, worked hard, and kept her eyes on the screen all night long. " said Chinese colleague Mrs. Wu.

Wayati La Bungi and her colleagues will continue to stick to their positions, complete the monitoring work with higher working skills and a stronger sense of responsibility, so as to make their contribution to the high-quality development of the Indonesia Jinchuan WP company.

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