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Jinchuan Group Wire and Cable listed as the "2022 top 10 enterprises in SMM copper rod and wire industry”

Updated : November 24, 2022

Recently, at the 2022 (7th) SMM Electrical Materials Industry Summit and the Conductor Wire Industry Exhibition, Jinchuan Group Wire and Cable Co., Ltd. won the title of "2022 top 10 enterprises in SMM copper rod and wire industry".


Jinchuan Group Wire and Cable is listed as the "2022 top 10 enterprises in the SMM copper rod and wire industry" [Photo provided to en.jnmc.com]

This summit, which was jointly sponsored by Shanghai Metals Markets (SMM) and Jiangxi Jinye Datong Technology Co., Ltd., aims to bring together upstream and downstream forces in the industrial chain and jointly promote the development of the electrical materials industry. There are four forums in the summit, including the annual copper industry conference forum, the cable conductor industry development forum, the conductor wire application in the new energy industry forum, and the macroeconomic and copper consumption data forum. At each forum, the leaders and senior insiders of the related industries delivered speeches to share information and the development status of the industry with participants.


The group photo of the summit [Photo provided to en.jnmc.com]

In recent years, facing fierce market competition and pressure, in addition to increasing market demand, Jinchuan Group Wire and Cable has put forward the development principal of winning customers' trust with high-quality products. In addition to setting up a project team to carry out technical research to solve difficulties, the company has also developed new copper rod products with high conductivity and high tensile properties through establishing models, improving the melting method of copper raw materials, and improving the thermal efficiency and filtering effect of copper liquid, based on the customer's requirements on using φ8mm copper rod on ultra-fine copper wires. The products have provided technical support to open the high-end market, improve product sales, enhance market competitiveness, and achieve greater economic benefits.

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