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Jinchuan Group: innovation support to expand the nickel intensive processing chain

Updated : September 28, 2022

On Sept 27, Jinchuan Group Nickel Alloy Co., Ltd. has turned a thick electrolytic nickel plate into a nickel belt with a thickness of only 0.05 mm. The ultra-thin and high-precision of the product’s performance reflects the comprehensive processing ability of the nickel belt.


Nickel belt with a thickness of only 0.05 mm [Photo provided to en.jnmc.com]

Miao Chengpeng, the chairman of Jinchuan Group Nickel Alloy and secretary of the CPC Jinchuan Group Nickel Alloy Branch Committee, said, "only by mastering high-performance vacuum smelting technology, comprehensive processing technology and have an excellent equipment level can such high-performance and high-strength nickel belts be produced."

Jinchuan Group Nickel Alloy, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Jinchuan Group Co., Ltd., is one of the largest research and production bases for nickel and nickel alloy in China. It can produce nickel alloy plate products that meet the various requirements of materials or surface conditions. The technological level of the whole production line is leading among similar domestic enterprises.

From the petrochemical industry to household appliances, deep-processing nickel products are closely related to our lives. In the recent years, Jinchuan Group has been focused on the development of nickel cobalt new materials, battery materials and precious metal materials industries, and has tackled many technical barriers and the risks of relying on imported materials.


Jinchuan Group Nickel Alloy Co., Ltd [Photo provided to en.jnmc.com]

Through optimizing the process and upgrading key equipment, Jinchuan Group has constructed the 8,000 ton superalloy project and developed nickel-based nuclear power and aerospace materials. By 2025, Jinchuan Group will build a nickel cobalt industrial cluster with the strongest comprehensive utilization capacity of global resources, the most complete product categories and the most complete industrial chain. The nickel content in nickel products will reach 330,000 tons, and the cobalt content in cobalt products will reach 30,000 tons.

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