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Lithium iron phosphate project with an annual output of 200,000t launched

Updated : September 26, 2022

On Sept 21, a lithium iron phosphate project, with an annual output of 200,000t, invested in by Lanzhou Jinchuan Technology Park Co., Ltd. with 6.26 billion yuan ($874 million) was launched in Lanzhou New Area. This is another achievement of Lanzhou New Area in cultivating and expanding its new energy lithium battery industry, which will inject new momentum into building a new material industry chain. Tian Qiang, deputy director of the Lanzhou New Area Management Committee, and Zhou Min, deputy general manager of Jinchuan Group, attended the launch ceremony.


The launch ceremony of the lithium iron phosphate project [Photo/jnmc.com]

The lithium iron phosphate project is a major measure for Lanzhou Jinchuan Technology Park to accelerate the construction of a 100-billion-level new material industry cluster and new energy battery industry chain in Lanzhou New Area.

The project is planned to be constructed in two phases, including the main production system of lithium iron phosphate, a storage system, and an environmental protection system. Phase I of the project is expected to be completed in December 2023; Phase II will start according to market expansion, and is expected to be completed in December 2025. Once the project achieves its output goals, the annual sales revenue is estimated to reach 10.67 billion yuan, with more than 600 new jobs being created.


The launch ceremony of the lithium iron phosphate project [Photo/jnmc.com]

In recent years, Lanzhou New Area has been giving full play to its excellent industrial foundation, resource reservations and first-class business environment, constantly attracting high-quality enterprises to form a cluster. After the completion of the project, it will fill the gap in the lithium cathode material industry of Lanzhou New Area, and support the high-quality development of Lanzhou New Area's new energy and new material industrial cluster.

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