Making the best of our resources and empowering a better life

Updated : June 25, 2022

Since its foundation, Jinchuan was given the mission of developing the nickel and cobalt industry for the People’s Republic of China. Having these high expectations to deliver on its mission and to supply China with refined metals, the people of Jinchuan have been hardworking and self-reliant, and have helped reverse China’s status of once having a critical need for refined nickel and cobalt. Since the reform and opening up of China in 1978, we have made important contributions to local and national economic growth through developing, mining and refining resources both at home and abroad.

In this new era, Jinchuan has embarked on a journey of growth by using environmentally friendly technology within its traditional core business of mining and refining nickel, copper, cobalt and platinum group metals. Meanwhile, we are accelerating the transformation to new energy materials, and as a result, are creating a modern industrial pattern characterized by an outstanding core business, multiple supporting businesses and a collaborative coexistence.

In addition to aerospace, ship building, the chemical industry and machinery manufacturing, Jinchuan’s products have been widely applied in electronic communication, building decoration and home appliances, as well as in the emerging alternative energy and medical equipment sectors. We are committed to maximizing resources to cater to the demands of our customers, and to building and fostering a better world.

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