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Jinchuan craftsman: Ding Ke

Updated : June 21, 2022

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Jinchuan craftsman: Ding Ke [Photo provided to en.jnmc.com]

Ding Ke, head of the construction engineering survey team of the geologic survey division at Jinchuan Group’s Longshou Mine, was born in December 1976. Ding holds a bachelor’s degree and works as an underground survey technician. He has won several honors such as technical expert of Gansu province, advanced worker of the Longshou Mine and Longshou craftsman.

Ding started his first job in 1999 in which he was engaged in underground rock drilling and blasting. Since working on surveying in 2009, he has led the team in point marking and line laying in the conventional to mechanical development projects at Longshou Mine’s east mining zone, as well as in surveying and mapping of surface technical improvements and geological environment restoration projects.

Ding has also participated in large-scale surveying projects such as surveys of shaft connections, underground first-level controls, gyrostatic orientation and UAV aerial usage.

In the shaft connection survey, he proposed to use thin plastic plates to make rain covers, which was proved to eliminate the influence of wellbore dripping on the stability of steel wires, reducing the survey time and improving operation efficiency.

To master new surveying equipment such as GPS and unmanned aerial vehicles, Ding made use of his spare time to do investigations, debug the devices, learn about operation skills and give full play to their roles in underground surveying.

He has participated in a number of research projects, including Studies on Application of Slope Long-distance Connection Survey Error Control Technology, Rock Movement Monitoring and Effect Analysis of Surface Disturbance in Caving Method Mining at West Mining Area II, and Application and Research of UAV Aerial Survey Technology in the Mining Industry.

Ding has published two papers on mining survey technology in World Nonferrous Metals, and two sci-tech achievements initiated by him have obtained national patents.

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