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Jinchuan craftsman: Yang Guohui

Updated : June 21, 2022

2.二矿区 杨国辉.jpg

Jinchuan craftsman: Yang Guohui [Photo provided to en.jnmc.com]

Yang Guohui, head of the production unit at the second mining zone of Jinchuan Group’s mining area II, was born in September 1984. He holds an associate degree and works as a drilling jumbo operator.

Yang is a Party member and has been awarded a number of accolades such as Gansu provincial technical worker, Jinchang model worker and Jinchang May Day labor medalist in recognition of his outstanding performance at the workplace.

Yang has been engaged in the operation of drilling jumbos since he came to work at Jinchuan Group in October 2006. He has mastered theoretical knowledge and practical skills related to scrapers and underground vehicles. He has come up with a three-point proposal to fundamentally cut the cost of explosive materials and mineral exploration and bolster the efficiency of drilling, saving about 235,000 yuan (approximately $35,082) for the corporation per year.

Yang has also taken part in the research and development of transportation machinery used in the delivery of building materials, as well as in the manufacturing of prefabricated industrial airbags for vertical shafts, with a view to minimizing the risk of fallout, cutting down the cost of brick production and resolving the difficulties in shoring up vertical shafts.

Yang and his teammates have surpassed their annual production targets for seven consecutive years and conducted safety production activities without accidents for eight straight years.

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