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Jinchuan craftsman: Ma Sibing

Updated : June 21, 2022

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Jinchuan craftsman: Ma Sibing [Photo provided to en.jnmc.com]

Ma Sibing, head of the maintenance unit of the improvement work zone at Jinchuan Group’s mining area III, was born in May 1975. He works as a fitter technician and has been honored as an advanced worker and star mentor in the mining area.

Since the beginning of his work in 1996, Ma has been striving for excellence and endeavoring to solve maintenance problems by novel ideas and new methods. Every time he undertakes a maintenance task, he works out a detailed plan that clarifies the time limit, safety precautions, and quality assurance measures to ensure the repair work can be carried out safely and efficiently.

To improve equipment efficiency, Ma has made innovative achievements, including an automatically controlled translational shaft safety door, a new type of rope groove level adjustment device for hoisting vehicles, an emergency rescue passage for a two-cage hoisting system, impact idler anti-drop devices, and a telescopic guardrail design for heavy-duty belt conveyors. His inventions have helped overcome technical difficulties, saved the cost of spare parts, and ensured the long-term safe operation of equipment.

Ma also participated in projects on lean ore mining upgrading and ore pass system installation and commissioning, and put forward more than 20 rationalization proposals for their smooth operation.

Ma has obtained two utility model patents and two of his inventions won the first prize of Jinchuan Group employee technology innovation achievements.

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