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Jinchuan craftsman: Han Deshun

Updated : June 21, 2022

4.工程建设矿山工程分公司 韩德顺.jpg

Jinchuan craftsman: Han Deshun [Photo provided to en.jnmc.com]

Han Deshun, head of scraper group A of the first mechanized excavation team at Jinchuan Group’s Mining Engineering Company, was born in October 1973. Han is a Party member and holds a bachelor’s degree. As a special grade scraper technician, he has won a number of honors for his superior scraper skills such as non-ferrous industry technical expert, technical pacesetter of Gansu province and outstanding group leader of Jinchuan Group. He also came third for scraper skills in the second Jinchuan Cup Nonferrous Industry Skills Competition, and took the first, second and third place respectively at three Jinchuan employee skills contests in a row.

Since beginning his job in June 1999, Han has been working on the front line of underground production. With years of experience in underground scraper operation, he devised a working method to ensure the safety of underground quarry stone loading.

Han proposed and initiated the fabrication of an accurate oil gauge for the diesel tank of scrapers, which played a key role in fuel consumption and cost accounting for underground trackless equipment.

He also participated in the formulation of ten rules for underground scraper operation to prevent vehicle damage and put forward a safety confirmation concept advocating that seeing is believing.

Sticking to the training mode which values a combination of theory and practice, Han has trained a number of highly skilled personnel, including one technician, as well as one technical and two group leaders at Jinchuan’s African project department. Han’s group won the honorary titles of Jinchuan pioneer workers and model group.

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