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Jinchuan craftsman: Liu Lijun

Updated : June 21, 2022

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Jinchuan craftsman: Liu Lijun [Photo provided to en.jnmc.com]

Liu Lijun is head of the self-heating furnace system production group of the copper smelting workshop at Jinchuan Group’s nickel smelting plant. Born in August 1978, Liu is a Party member and a senior technician of pyrometallurgy.

He holds an associate degree and has won honors such as technical expert of Gansu province, as well as advanced worker, outstanding group leader and outstanding CPC member of Jinchuan Group.

Since Liu started his job in July 1999, he has been improving working skills and addressing difficult problems with great efforts. To deal with the physical appearance of copper anode plates, Liu redesigned the mold drawing and proposed the utilization of steel mold in anode plate casting. Finally, the new steel casting mold managed to increase the qualified rate of high-nickel copper anode plate’s physical appearance from 50 percent to above 80 percent, creating an annual economic benefit of nearly 800,000 yuan (approximately $119,428).

By conducting a comparative analysis of the reasons for anode furnace water jacket leakage and the jacket’s operating life, Liu implemented a cold pressing method for the edge of the water jacket and adopted double-sided welding, which increased the life of an anode furnace water jacket from six to 16 months.

To improve product quality, he studied the mechanism of nickel removal from anode plates, suggesting that moderate deep oxidation slagging and slagging-off should be effective ways to improve nickel removal from anode furnaces. Experience showed that the ratio of first grade anode plates increased to over 90 percent.

A research project on the improvement of self-produced high nickel-copper anode plates’ physical appearance with Liu as a participant won the first prize for technology progress at Jinchuan’s nickel smelting plant. Liu was also involved in a technical study on the improvement of the first-grade rate of self-produced copper anode plates that was awarded first prize for technical improvement and generated an annual economic output of 3.2 million yuan.

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