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Jinchuan craftsman: Cao Heqing

Updated : June 21, 2022

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Jinchuan craftsman: Cao Heqing [Photo provided to en.jnmc.com]

Cao Heqing is an air-separation-equipment operations engineer at the dynamic oxygen workshop of Jinchuan Group’s power plant. He is a Party member and a technician. He was born in December 1970 and holds an associate degree.

Cao has been awarded several accolades such as Gansu technical pacesetter, Jinchuan Group outstanding producer and outstanding Party member in recognition of his contributions and sacrifices in the workplace.

He has taken part in the research, development and installation of oxygen-manufacturing equipment of varying production capacity, breaking down technical barriers and guaranteeing completion on schedule.

A research project on oxygen utilization optimization in the nonferrous metallurgical sector, which Cao also participated in, slashed the amount of oxygen venting and saved about 14 million yuan (approximately $2.1 million) for the group per year. It received the second prize of the Jinchuan Group science and technology advancement awards and the third prize in the Gansu science and technology advancement awards in nonferrous metallurgy.

Cao’s self-developed operating method is designed to shorten the time for turning on oxygen-making machines via refilling liquid nitrogen. It has been listed as one of the provincial-level advanced employee technology innovation production methods in Gansu. The energy conservation project of a hydrocarbon control system for liquid oxygen evaporators of oxygen generator dephlegmators that he initiated saves more than 300,000 yuan per year in energy.

Cao has played a leading role in the research and development of dozens of award-winning high-tech devices such as liquid filling mechanisms for cryogenic liquid tankers and leak hunting and core-pulling devices for large-scale imported air compressor coolers.

During the past few years, Cao has obtained eight technological innovation achievements, completed maintenance of large-scale and key equipment 33 times, and solved over 40 technical problems in production and machinery maintenance.

Of three employees Cao has trained, one has become a key technician in the building of air separation projects while two become technical experts in oxygen generation and air supply.

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