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Jinchuan craftswoman: Zhang Wenwen

Updated : June 21, 2022

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Jinchuan craftswoman: Zhang Wenwen [Photo provided to en.jnmc.com]

Zhang Wenwen, a laboratory analyst for outsourcing raw materials at the central analysis room of Jinchuan Group’s testing center, was born in December 1996. She is a member of the Communist Youth League of China and an industrial laboratory analysis technician.

Zhang has been awarded several honors and titles such as Gansu technical expert, Gansu outstanding CYL member and Jinchang outstanding CYL member. She won the first prize in the Gansu vocational skills contest in 2020 and became the youngest industrial chemical analysis technician in Jinchuan Group.

Since July 2015, Zhang has kept honing her technical competence and made noticeable contributions to technological refinement and upgrading in the workplace. She and her teammates have made breakthroughs in solving difficulties induced by a high concentration of salt in the measurement of silicon dioxide, chromium and aluminum in outsourcing raw materials, saving 589,000 yuan (approximately $88,366.79) annually for Jinchuan.

A quality control project hosted by Zhang realized the instrumental measurement of stannum in outsourcing copper anode plate and won the second prize in Jinchuan Group QC awards. She also designed a fast testing method to scale a high content of iron elements.

Thanks to her unremitting efforts in the refinement of analytical methods, Zhang was employed as the chief laboratorian at the Jinchuan testing center this year.

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