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Jinchuan craftsman: Xu Yongchao

Updated : June 21, 2022

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Jinchuan craftsman: Xu Yongchao [Photo provided to en.jnmc.com]

Xu Yongchao, head of the copper rod CCDR production line at the cooper rod division of Jinchuan Group Wire and Cable Co Ltd, was born in October 1986. He holds an associate degree and works as a wire and cable copper processing technician.

Xu has been awarded several accolades such as outstanding team leader in the nonferrous sector, Gansu technical expert and Jinchuan Group advanced producer. He also won the first prize of wire and cable cooper manufacturing in the Gansu vocational skills contest of 2018.

Xu has been a frontline worker on the SCR-3000 copper rod CCDR production line since 2009 and grown into a main casting machine operator. He came up with a creative approach in 2019 to cut down the consumption of emulsion and filter cloth by half on the production line, saving more than one million yuan (approximately $150,006) per year. This technological achievement won him a second-class award in the company’s technological innovation.

In a research project on flame arrester refinement on the CCDR production line in 2020, Xu and his teammates upgraded the structure of flame arresters and raised efficiency in their cleaning and installment. He advocated the replacement of blocked flame arrestors with reserved ones which bolstered the production of copper rods by about 3,528 metric tons and relieved the labor intensity for frontline workers. This invention won him a third prize in the 2020 Jinchuan Group technological innovation awards.

Xu was sent to Fangchenggang, Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region, to construct the SCR-3000 production line as a backbone of operation technology. In the meantime, three disciples trained by him served as main casting machine operators and became masters on the production line.

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