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Jinchuan Group’s top ten model workers

Updated : June 21, 2022

1. Long Weiguo, director of the production technology office at Longshou Mine

1.龙首矿 龙卫国.jpg

It was his passion and love for malachite that drove Long to settle down in Jinchang, China’s capital of nickel, from Sichuan province in the country’s southwest region. His pillarless caving mining method has made huge contributions to the high-quality development of Jinchuan Group and revealed his strong heartfelt patriotism.

2. Wang Sen, head of the second processing unit at the machinery and equipment processing center of Nickel-Metropolis Industrial Company

9.镍都实业公司 王森.jpg

Wang is an expert in repairing numerically-controlled machine tools. With solid cross-discipline technologies, he is capable of resolving all kinds of problems and difficulties in machinery maintenance.

3. Liu Dezhi, head of the production unit at the first mining zone of mining area II

2.二矿区 刘德智.jpg

Liu is an expert in the drilling of mineral resources. Statistics show he has produced 2.92 million metric tons of ore in Jinchuan Group without safety accidents in a span of five years.

4. Chen Bin, deputy head of the raw material quality control unit at the external test plant of the inspection center

8.检测中心 陈斌.jpg

Chen has played a leading role in the research and development of smart and mechanized pneumatic sampling machinery in Jinchuan Group. He has fully leveraged the latest technologies such as 5G and the internet of things to facilitate the inspection of production material quality in an honest way.

5. Zhou Jie, head of the mining unit at the eighth mining zone of mining area III

3.三矿区 周杰.jpg

Zhou, a May Day labor medalist, has stayed fast in the delivery of mineral resources from underground tunnels for over four decades. He has drilled into advanced mining approaches and enhanced the efficiency of Jinchuan’s mining work.

6. Zhang Wei, chief engineer at the power station

7.动力厂 张维.jpg

Zhang has leveraged her knowledge and wisdom to guarantee electricity supply at the frontline of Jinchuan Group.

7. Zhang Xizhi, deputy chief engineer and head of the technology dispatching office at the mining engineering branch of Jinchuan Group Engineering and Co Ltd

4.工程建设公司矿山工程分公司 张席芝.jpg

Zhang is a pioneer in scientific and technological innovation and cost saving. He designed China's first underground concrete mixing plant, saving 900,000 yuan for Jinchuan annually. Moreover, his special computing techniques have helped the group cut down operating cost by 3.8 million yuan per year.

8. Dong Xu, head of the synthetic furnace production unit at the smelting plant of Jinchuan Group Copper Co Ltd

6.铜业公司 董旭.jpg

Under Dong’s leadership, about two thirds of workers in his production unit have grown into technical experts and become the backbone of Jinchuan Group’s copper smelting and production.

9. Gao Minggang, head of the technical inspection group and machine set unit at the finished workshop of the nickel smelting plant

5.镍冶炼厂 高鸣岗.jpg

Gao has made noticeable contributions to refining synthetic furnaces and a 3,500-metric ton pressure-leaching project. Gao is leveraging his 5G expertise to fuel the smart development of the plant.

10. Luo Shijian, head of the flash furnace unit at the smelting plant of Guangxi Jinchuan Nonferrous Metals Co Ltd

10.广西金川公司 罗世建.jpg

Luo has been responsible for 11 projects designed to bolster production capacity and 88 concrete measures intended to lower production cost and enhance operational efficiency. He has contributed to 16 specific scientific and technological results and acted as head of the world’s largest single-set manufacturing system.

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