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The purpose of Jinchuan

Updated : June 21, 2022

Building a Jinchuan community with a shared future through the accumulation of various resources to benefit the people and the Chinese nation at large

To achieve this purpose, we have been focusing on collecting streams of resources, capital, talents, technology and culture, just like an ocean is continuously fed by numerous rivers.

We hope to serve the people and the nation by creating a prosperous Jinchuan. We are ready to promote socio-economic development by making the most out of our resources. We will work hard for the wellbeing of our shareholders, customers and employees so as to contribute to the prosperity of the neighborhoods where we operate, and to work towards the aspiration to further the rejuvenation of the Chinese nation at large.

Jinchuan is ready to build a community with a shared future among its employees, partners and clients. We value extensive reciprocal cooperation and strategic partnerships. We are also open to various forms of mutually beneficial collaborations in a bid to achieve win-win results and a brighter future.

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