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Core values of Jinchuan

Updated : June 21, 2022

➢    Honesty and integrity

➢    People-oriented

➢    Innovation

➢    Win-win

Honesty and integrity

Our highest code of conduct is to stay honest and to act in good faith in all that we do. It is our practice and character.


Our people are the essential ingredient and reason for our survival and growing prosperity, as is true with any enterprise. The secret to all of our success and longevity has been to run a corporation in which each and every employee is encouraged to be part of the operations, management, innovations, reforms, and value creation. Jinchuan is rooted in its people, by its people and for its people.


Jinchuan wouldn’t be where and what it is today without innovation. We also won’t be able to build a better future without further innovation. It is our unwavering choice to innovate in all areas, including management, technology and operations. We continue to enhance our capacity for innovation by fostering culture, improving mechanisms and stimulating vitality.


Jinchuan embraces an open and inclusive approach in sharing common goals and, at all times, seeks mutual benefits with its partners, counterparts, customers and competitors. Guided by the principle of extensive consultation, collaboration and shared benefits, we are ready to make and enjoy shared progress.

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