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In Focus

Jinchuan strategy

Updated : June 27, 2022

1. Refine traditional pillar industries

1. Strengthen resource guarantees in nickel, cobalt, precious metals and copper

We are working on nickel and copper development in countries and regions that have abundant resources and are involved in the Belt and Road Initiative, such as Indonesia and Southern Africa, building a trade network for raw metals and improving global resource allocation capacity.

2. Adjust resource configuration

Upgrade industrial base with all our strengths

We aim to optimize and expand our non-ferrous metallurgical business, promote the equipment, technology and energy system of nickel, copper and cobalt metallurgy to create a shift towards a green, low-carbon, short-process and high efficiency mechanism, and to build the world's largest nickel, cobalt and precious metal resource processing and refining center with the highest efficiency and the strongest comprehensive extraction capacity, as well as the largest copper industrial base in North China.

3. Reinforce nonferrous metals and new materials

Promote the modernization of the industrial chain

We are committed to accelerating the transition of nickel and cobalt to new energy battery materials, speeding up the fine processing of nickel-copper alloys and precious metals and realizing industrial transformation and upgrading.

4. Develop producer services

Advance the new energy industry based on the utilization of solar, wind and hydrogen energy

We are devoted to accelerating the construction of a new energy industrial system, replacing traditional energy with green power in mines and smelting and adopting green energy in emerging industries.

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