Jinchuan Group develops non-ferrous metal new material industry through technological innovation

Updated : June 25, 2022

Xinhua Financial has reported that with the rapid development of China's new energy industry, Jinchuan Group in Jinchang, Gansu province, is striving to develop the non-ferrous metal new material industry by emphasizing nickel-copper alloy processing, batteries, electroplating and precious metal materials, powder metallurgy products, and high-purity metals.

These business sectors will provide strategic support for the group’s industrial structure adjustment and alternative industry development.

The group's key products such as nickel sulfate, cobaltosic oxide, spherical nickel hydroxide, and ternary precursors have seen explosive growth due to the strong demand in the new energy and new material markets.

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Jinchuan Group’s Dongdatan 300MW photovoltaic power generation project. [Photo provided to en.jnmc.com]

To meet the increasing demand, the group started a number of construction projects this spring, including the 30,000-metric ton electronic copper foil project, the second phase of the 100,000-metric ton ternary precursor project, the 100,000-metric ton nickel sulfate solution project for power batteries, and the Dongdatan 300MW photovoltaic power generation project.

Behind these new energy-related projects is Jinchuan Group's research and belief in the new energy battery industry’s development prospects, as well as its profound technical reserves.

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A production site of Jinchuan Group’s ternary cathode materials. [Photo provided to en.jnmc.com]

To date, the group has completed the research, development and mass production of high-voltage doped cobalt products, high-nickel, high-power and low-cobalt single-crystal ternary precursors, the full range of ternary cathode materials as well as lithium manganate and nickel-metal hydride battery cathode materials. Some products have entered the global high-end industrial chain.

The 20kt/a high-precision electronic copper strip production project is a key step taken by Nickel-Metropolis Industrial Company, a subsidiary of Jinchuan Group, for industrial transformation and upgrading. Targeted at the key material market for semiconductor packaging copper-based framing and connection, the project will accelerate independent innovation and promote technological progress at Jinchuan Group, said the project leader.

The project was put into production in 2021, producing electronic lead frames, special cables, copper for transformers and copper alloy strips.

China's total amount of copper plates and strips is expected to exceed 3 million metric tons this year as 5G and electronic information technologies develop rapidly.

Thanks to its advantages in nickel, copper and cobalt resources, the company will produce C70250 and C70350 high-end alloy copper plates and strips, hoping to replace imported products and improve the localization rate.

The ternary precursor for lithium-ion battery project with an annual production of 100,000 metric tons is a key undertaking for industrial optimization and battery material industry chain development at Lanzhou Kington Energy Storage Power New Material Co Ltd, a company under Jinchuan Group. The second phase of the project has started.

As a major provincial project, it has improved the production capacity of Jinchuan Group’s upstream nickel and cobalt raw material industries. The first phase of the project started construction in 2017, went into operation in 2019, and reached standard production in 2020.

With the explosive growth of the new energy electric vehicle market, the demand for ternary precursors has increased sharply, and the company’s production capacity, which tripled from 2019 to 2021, still cannot meet the market demand.

Kington will add 40,000 metric tons of ternary precursor production capacity by July 2023, and another 30,000 metric tons by the end of 2024. The company’s production capacity of ternary precursors will reach 150,000 metric tons per year by mid-term of the 14th Five-Year Plan period (2021-25).

Jinchuan Group has also conducted exchanges and cooperation with universities, research institutions and upstream and downstream enterprises in 15 scientific research projects.

It has been engaged in a number of technological projects, including the development of nickel-based materials for super-capacity sodium-ion and nickel-metal hydride batteries for energy storage, the research and development of high-temperature alloy materials for nuclear power and aerospace applications, and the development and industrialization of high-purity precious metal products.

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